Display Different Heraldry

The theme comes with different heraldry designs. Shield and weapon combinations come in red and blue drape variants.

In order to display your desired design first see the folder named “Heraldry“. It contains all the ready to swap heraldry designs and menu bar respective to the heraldry drapery colour you choose.

Heraldry Folder

Inside the folder you’ll find separation by colour “blue” and “red”. Both contain same designs but with different colour drapery.

Example of red folder contents

After you decide which heraldry “sidebar-cloak.png” you want to display on your site, simply upload the image in “images” folder within the “knightwp” folder. knightwp > images. Overwrite the existing image file inside the images folder.

Also upload the “main-nav.png” in the same directory. Depending which colour your choose

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