Display Different Heraldry

The theme comes with different heraldry designs. Shield and weapon combinations come in red and blue drape variants.

In order to display your desired design first see the folder named “Heraldry“. It contains all the ready to swap heraldry designs and menu bar respective to the heraldry drapery colour you choose.

Heraldry Folder

Inside the folder you’ll find separation by colour “blue” and “red”. Both contain same designs but with different colour drapery.

Example of red folder contents

After you decide which heraldry “sidebar-cloak.png” you want to display on your site, simply upload the image in “images” folder within the “knightwp” folder. knightwp > images. Overwrite the existing image file inside the images folder.

Also upload the “main-nav.png” in the same directory. Depending which colour your choose

bbPress forum

heme comes with bbPress forum support and custom design integration.

To install it you need 2 main steps:

  1. Create basic page in your WordPress and call it “forums” and click publish.
  2. Install forum from: Plugins > Add New > bbPress forum
    click activate and you’re done.

Now you are ready to create forums and Topics within the forums. 
Forums Demo


TIP: WordPress and bbPress users do not need separate registration to your blog or forum. one registration is enough for both, but WordPress and bbPress have separate permissions settings to the same user.

For example, same user can be restricted from posting anything in WordPress blog but be allowed to post in bbPress forums in any capacity.

Mobile menu setup

The Knight WordPress theme is mobile and responsive.

Theme has been integrated with Slicknav Menu plugin (let me highlight this – the menu integration is multi-level JQuery touch responsive menu).

The site is designed so that left sidebar with its widgets gets removed on mobile browsers but the footer 3 widgets remain and stack vertically.

To activate the bile menu you need to install plug-in “SlickNav Mobile Menu”.

WP admin > Plugins > Add New > (search) SlickNav Mobile Menu

or install it by uploading the zipped version.

Configure the Slicknav Mobile Menu

WP Admin Panel > Settings > SlickNav Menu

Two essential settings you need to enter are:
Add Menu Replace” field. 
Type #primary-menu in the form field.

Pixel Width to Switch to SlickNav” enter 1024 in that field and press UPDATE at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Front Page Image Slider

Front page templates include automatic slider. It holds all the posts that have “Featured” category with a featured image. 
Slider shows latest 9 posts in its “cartridge” displayed 3 at a time with scrolling left or right arrows and is responsive.

The slider doesn’t require any configuration. It pulls and displays featured category posts with the featured images attached to them.

To have your post appear within slider, create a simple post and assign “featured” category as well as add image to featured image area and publish it.

Front Page Setup

Step 1

  • Go to your PW admin panel and create a normal page “Home”
  • In Page Attributes select on of them templates. (rec. front Page Templates), after hit “Publish”
  • Go to Settings > Reading Settings 
  • Check radio button called “static” and choose “Home” from drop-down menu, hit “save changes” button.

Step 2

  • Go to Settings > Reading Settings 
  • Check radio button called “static” and choose “Home” from drop-down menu, hit “save changes” button.


The Knight WordPress theme’s installation is straightforward. 

After your purchase, you’ll receive the site membership emailed to you as well as purchased item download link.

  • Click the link to log into the site.
  • Download the Zipped archives
  • In your WordPress installation admin panel go:

Appearance > Themes > Add New > select zipped theme on your computer and install + activate.

Background images

The theme comes with background images. Image zips you have to unzip on your computer and upload into your WordPress image library. You don’t have to upload all at once, theme doesn’t depend on them. You can upload whichever you like and set it as a background image.

Background settings are at “appearance > background” in Admin panel and under “customize”